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The Frog Point Fiddlers are a part of the Joy of Music Program. This is a group of classically trained young violinists, with a love and ear for traditional folk music as well. Participation in this group encourages creativity and excellence in the art and rich history of fiddling in a learning environment that fosters fun, fellowship and community performances. As with all of our ensembles, it is required that members of Frog Point Fiddlers also be taking private lessons to keep building their skills as classical violinists. An audition with Myra is required of all new students interested in joining Frog Point Fiddlers.

The Frog Point Fiddlers inherit the laurels of a group Myra created at the Performing Arts School of Worcester in the summer of 2000, a two-week workshop for violin students who wanted to learn some basic fiddling techniques. What developed was an incredibly fun and motivating session of group playing. The group of 20 students learned to to play and back up various styles of fiddle tunes, learned to use ostinatos, practised improvising with each other, held a fiddle "contest", and created lasting memories. The group continued throughout the school year.

The Frog Point Fiddlers now meet throughout the Fall and Winter months on a weekly schedule. Our motto is "Fiddling, Fun, Family and Friends," and our mission is to encourage creativity and excellence in the art and rich history of fiddling, to create a fun learning environment, to include the sisters, brothers, moms and dads in our music-making, and to build lifelong friendships around our musical memories. Students are encouraged to perform whenever an opportunity in the community becomes available.

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