Upcoming Performances:


Worcester Folk Orchestra

The Worcester Folk Orchestra brings together instrumentalists who love to play reels, jigs, and waltzes. We perform at events in the Worcester area, primarily contra dances, barn dances, or other family-friendly gatherings. Players of acoustic instruments of any age are welcome as long as they can read music and commit to most of the Friday night rehearsals.

Banda gan Ainm

"Band with no name" includes Tim Loftus, flute, whistle, and bodhrán; Mike Ladd, guitar and vocals; John Guertin, percussion; Myra, Zoe, and Carolyn, fiddles; and Mary Carfagna, cello. Favorite guests are known to sit in from time to time.

Special Occasions

Coffeehouses, Folk Festivals and special concerts:

Myra will join your cast of performers ... or playing with the kids on a trailer in the street. or organize a group specially for your occasion. Whether acoustic or electric, you will be pleased with the quality and freshness of her performance.

Restaurants, Pubs, and Breweries

Myra will play solo violin and viola, or will arrange an ensemble of musicians to play as strolling or corner musicians, adding a delightful background of Celtic, folk pop, classical and improvisations.


Myra will work with the bride and groom and their families to make the day perfect! Meet me for tea and we can draw up a contract and go over your musical selections. We will play for the prelude, providing a calm, beautiful background for greeting and seating, for the ceremony, incorporating music throughout, if desired, and for the recessional, putting a peppy spring in the steps of all present. Additionally, you may request our playing during the dinner.

Applefest Grafton

Benefits (non-profit)

We will, if our schedule allows us, play for organizations who are not for profit, at lesser rates.


If you are a professional musician working on a CD, please contact Myra for the addition of electric or acoustic violin or viola. She is no stranger to the recording studio, and loves to arrange string parts.

Past Performances:

Myra loves to congregate with the usual suspects.

Stage Experience

Other Venues

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