Tune clips

mp3 (219KB) Childgrove (0:38) ogg (413KB)
mp3 (211KB) Miss Shepherd's (0:37) ogg (387KB)
mp3 (204KB) Morrison's Jig (0:36) ogg (384KB)
mp3 (177KB) Da New-Rigged Ship (0:31) ogg (331KB)
mp3 (381KB) Planxty Fanny Power (1:06) ogg (713K)
mp3 (1.8MB) Cam' Ye O'er from France / Boban John (2:11) ogg (1.4MB)
mp3 (3.0MB) Da Slockit Light (3:33) ogg (2.2MB)

Work in progress; you may like to check this page every so often, as new tunes, audio clips as well as the "dots and lines" will be added now and again...

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