Tune clips

mp3 (219KB) Childgrove (0:38) ogg (413KB)
mp3 (211KB) Miss Shepherd's (0:37) ogg (387KB)
mp3 (204KB) Morrison's Jig (0:36) ogg (384KB)
mp3 (177KB) Da New-Rigged Ship (0:31) ogg (331KB)
mp3 (381KB) Planxty Fanny Power (1:06) ogg (713K)
mp3 (1.8MB) Cam' Ye O'er from France / Boban John (2:11) ogg (1.4MB)
mp3 (3.0MB) Da Slockit Light (3:33) ogg (2.2MB)

Here's a tune one of Myra's admirers composed and dedicated to her. If you copy the following text, and paste it into the window in http://www.mandolintab.net/abcconverter.php and click   Submit   there, you will get something like the image below it.

T:Coffee on the Windowsill (for Miss Myra)
C:Bill MacLeod
A | "D" FABA FADF | "F#m" EFBF "E" E2 F^G | "Bm" BcdB fdB^g | "E" ab^gf e2 cB |
"A" ABcd "D" eafd | "A" cdec "Em" B2 =GE | "D" DFBF "A7" ABGF | "Em" EGBA "D" F2 D :|
|: d | "A" cfec "Bm" BcBA | "E" ^GABF E3 d | "A" cfec AdcB | "A" AF^GA "Bm" B2 de |
"Bm" fdBf "A7" ecA=g | "G" fd (3Bcd "Em" e2 "D"f2 | "Em" ge"D"fd "A"(3edc "G"dB | "A"AB (3ABc "D" d2 D :|

That text=music format up there is called "abc" and you can find a lot of abc tunes at http://trillian.mit.edu/~jc/cgi/abc/tunefind well as at http://www.thesession.org/. Happy hunting!

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