Folk Music Festivals, Contra Dances, Fiddling Workshops, Master Classes

Contact me to arrange participation in your upcoming folk music festival, school celebration or contra dance. Banda gan Ainm or Alley Music and I am available to play for your fair or assembly. Or let me help to arrange a school contra dance evening! Over 25 years experience playing for contra dances allows me many musician and caller connections!

Need a violin / fiddling clinician for your upcoming festival? I offer classes for violinists who want to experience the fun of fiddling. The classes are fast-paced and highly participatory! We'll explore well beyond fiddle tunes to improvisation, practice issues and motivational strategies.


Got a guitar in your closet? Want to catch up with your child's musical progress? The FiddleFolks are the friendliest and most fun-loving bunch of grownups I've ever met. We meet irregularly at a designated home to get cooking on the tunes. Our children are going to be proud of us! Lasting friendships are formed when we share evenings of music.

Just a few Spud Blossom devotees spread out on the lawn

Spud Blossom Special

Prince Edward Island, Canada: Two weeks in August (Saturday-Saturday)

When exuberant fiddle families returned from their initial island trip several years ago, it was clear that the red soil of PEI was fertile ground for our budding fiddlers and their families- The seed for Spud Blossom Special was planted! Spud Blossom Special (SBS) welcomes student fiddlers and their families, as well as other student musicians (guitar, banjo, mandolin, viola, cello, penny whistle, keyboard, recorder, flute) and music lovers of all ages.

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